About us

Our focus is to deliver what the client wants and more.

Our Mission

Is to provide the best possible service to our clients. Guiding them through the process of production offering ideas and suggestions that further develops the quality of the film, storyboard or concept artwork. Which in turn can be used by the client for any portal they desire. 

Our Values

Our values are quite simple. We like to make every job the best it can be. Striving for excellence and originality beyond what the client would hope for.


Here is the latest showreel from Planet Jump, showcasing the work we have completed recently.

I'm pleased to recommend Darren Wall and his creative team for any film or animation work one may need. I hired Darren Wall to produce our Prologue for our CG Animated Film "FireBreather". The prologue needed to be highly stylized and Darren and his team delivered. Their design, storytelling and directing sensibilities were above superior. They consistently delivered on time, took direction well and regularly plused the piece creatively. I, our Director and the Studio in general was elated with the outcome of the piece.

Carrie Wilksen – Netflix